You are not alone… or are you?

“How well do you know her?” he asked me. “Well, we’ve met once, but we’ve been Facebook friends for a long time, so I can kind of keep up with her,” I responded. That sentence just flowed out of my mouth like I actually believed that because we were Facebook … Continue reading

About (EMAC 6361)

This series of blog posts will be focused on how identities are crafted in online spaces. The art of identity creation is mastered in physical space by the necessity of self-preservation. Those most disciplined are able to influence their prospective futures by crafting an identity that suits their endeavors. Online, … Continue reading

Constructing Participants in Online Discourse

“The age of the public sphere as face-to-face talk is clearly over; the question of democracy must henceforth take into account new forms of electronically mediated discourse. [...] For Habermas, the public sphere is a homogeneous space of embodied subjects in symmetrical relations, pursuing consensus through the critique of arguments … Continue reading

Smile! You’re in Enron’s ad!

Those in new media studies tend to have a great distrust of Facebook, and for good reason. Facebook recently rolled out a new ad structure where companies like Starbucks may pay Facebook to find posts mentioning that company, then turn those posts into an ad for said company including that … Continue reading

Is there a “public sphere” in the cloud?

In The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere, Habermas traces the history of the concept of the “public sphere” – its rise and its decline. He argues that the “literary public sphere” (which arose thanks to a newly well-read bourgeois) eventually brought the rise of the “political public sphere” (a … Continue reading