The neverending GRAPH

Through all the accusations and doom-and-gloom predictions about Facebook and its future implications, it appears we’ve never investigated Facebook and its open graph (and we must in order to understand the true reach of Facebook). Facebook operates on a system of simple identifiers and “connections” between those labels and unique … Continue reading

Facebook offers deals for ID

As of yesterday, Facebook’s new “Groupon killer” is live in five cities, including Dallas: Facebook Deals. The idea is not new, but the execution and consequences are. It works basically the same way as Groupon. Facebook rounds up “deals” from local businesses (yes, Facebook knows where you are) and puts … Continue reading

Tap Tap. Is anyone awake out there?

In previous posts, I have talked about some of the various ways companies are allowed to leverage the identities of Facebook users including attaching a user’s name to an ad without their express consent. What I haven’t discussed, however, is why it’s so easy to do this on Facebook. Let’s … Continue reading

Putting a price on your identity

How much is your identity worth? A simple search about anything “identity”-related would yield multiple articles on protecting your identity from cybercriminals. Don’t give out your social security number online, be aware of safe websites, never send sensitive information over an email, etc. etc. According to Wikipedia, Identity theft is … Continue reading

You are not alone… or are you?

“How well do you know her?” he asked me. “Well, we’ve met once, but we’ve been Facebook friends for a long time, so I can kind of keep up with her,” I responded. That sentence just flowed out of my mouth like I actually believed that because we were Facebook … Continue reading

About (EMAC 6361)

This series of blog posts will be focused on how identities are crafted in online spaces. The art of identity creation is mastered in physical space by the necessity of self-preservation. Those most disciplined are able to influence their prospective futures by crafting an identity that suits their endeavors. Online, … Continue reading