GWAR, Job for a Cowboy & The Red Chord 11/8/09

Finally getting around to writing up a review of some sort on the GWAR, Job for a Cowboy & The Red Chord show at The Prophet Bar in Dallas on 11/8/09.  Here goes:

GWAR onstage, The Prophet Bar 11/08/09

The Prophet Bar: YES.  The Prophet Bar is the Door Dallas – with all the goodness of alcohol.  The staff there has been awesome: the bartenders don’t hate you, the drinks are reasonably priced, the door people don’t have an attitude problem, and the huge guys up front happily save your face from slapping the concrete after crowd-surfing all the way up covered in fake blood (we’ll get to that part later).

First up: The Red Chord.  Again – yes.  The Red Chord is a Boston progressive/grindcore/metal group that will tear your face off.

The Red Chord - Fed Through the Teeth Machine (out 10/27/09) Before this show, I wouldn’t call myself a huge fan.  This was the turning point.  TRC tore it up.  Their more refined brand of ear drum melting music is all at once brutally fast-paced, heavy and gut-wrenching, yet melodic enough to glue all the pieces back together.  Never predictable, TRC threw down and the crowd responded with some respectable pit action early into the set.  Their fierce, ever-changing beats have a force to them, creating a turbulence amongst even the most unwilling spectators, specked intermittently with delicious experimental/prog melodies.  Tasty.

Check out their new album, Fed Through the Teeth Machine (2009, MetalBlade, left) here.   (Thanks again to Mike M. for help with the phone issue.  No luck yet, by the way)

Job for a Cowboy - Ruination (07/2009, MetalBlade)Second up: Job for a Cowboy.  Punk, deathcore, metal, whatever they are now – it never has really worked out between us.

In their defense, they have a rather massive following in the area.  Their sound is vicious, with blast beats and other such stuff that’s been heard before… it’s just safe.  Fun fact: JFAC’s vocalist was previously in TRC on guitar.  My main issues with JFAC are probably general lack of ingenuity and the vocals are uninteresting (though the pig-squeal sound is a good try).  Guess they’re doing something right, though.  By the end of JFAC’s set, there was a healthy group of skinny-jean-wearing, jet-black-haired kids freaking the fuck out in the pit.

And finally: GWAAAAAAAAR.  What can you say?  GWAR onstage Dallas 11/08/09Gwar has been bloodying the masses since before I was even a concept.  For anyone who doesn’t know, GWAR formed in 1985 in Virginia.  GWAR is this: Oderus Urungus (vocals, from the planet Scumdogia), Beefcake the Mighty (bass, from the planet Cholesterol), Flattus Maximus (guitar, from the planet Home), JiZMak da Gusha (drums, from the planet “the Wide World of Sports”,) and my personal favorite, Balsac the Jaws of Death (guitar; so cute & pretentious).   See their history here – worth a read.  Their music is rooted in punk but has crossed into more thrash and hardcore territory.

GWAR did what GWAR does.  After decapitating Obama (again) & company, spilling their blood onto the thirsty watchers, and trying their best to offend everyone, we all left bloodied and content.

Great show and a bloody good time, as always.  Prophet Bar – I’ll be back… in exactly six days to see Hatebreed, Cannibal Corpse, Unearth, & Born of Osiris.  See ya there!

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