How to Make an Earring (and Necklace) Holder

Every lady needs their jewelry organized, but who wants to pay $30+ to buy an earring holder? Not I. After some Googling, I made this one fo’ free out of things I found around the house.

DIY Earring (and necklace) Holder How-to:

1) Find a wooden frame. Remove glass, cardboard, back, etc. [note: wood is best because it tolerates nails/staples, but you can use any frame if you think it through. The necklace part will be trickier that way, though.]

The back of the frame. Staples had to be extra close because of the stretch fabric.

2) Find enough lace to cover the back of the frame. I found some stretchy net lace stuff. Anything with holes will do.

3) Use a staple gun to staple the lace to the back of the frame. [If you chose a glass or metal frame or don't have a staple gun, use a sturdy craft glue and hold it together until fully dry.] Make sure to stretch the fabric tight – droopy lace doesn’t do the job.

4) Nail several nails (5-7 depending on how big the frame is) into the bottom at an angle so the necklaces will stay on.

5) Tie a ribbon around the picture frame hook and hang it up. Now organize your shit and admire what you’ve done.