Current Project: SXSFixed 2010

SXSFixed 2010
Beginning March 13 at 8:30 a.m., I will be following 13 fixed-gear cyclists from Dallas to Austin documenting their trip from a not-so-cyclist-friendly city (ahem-Dallas-ahem) to one of the most cyclist-friendly cities in the U.S. during SXSW.

Oh, wait… did I say fixed? Like, one gear, no coasting, FIXED?!
240+ miles. On fixed-gear bikes. In under 72 hours. Insane?

The countdown to glory begins. Follow them with me at and on twitter: @SXSFixed & @LaceofBase. Each stop/event will be updated on the site via our SXSFixed Google map with updates streaming from the road by mobile webcast. Get ready, Austin… here we come.
UPDATE: 3/29/10

After 2 tattoos, 154 bananas, 2 blowouts, and 6 glorious days pedaling the hills of Austin, we are back. They FREAKIN’ made it with no major incident, and I was able to film AND livestream much of the action. Check out the site ( for the final run-down.

My complete set of still images can be found on my Flickr, and the streamed clips can be found on my Qik. Thanks to everyone for their support during the ride – it kept us ALL going!


2 thoughts on “Current Project: SXSFixed 2010

  1. Your undertaking, especially given it is on a fixie, is awesome! Will you please share your route with me? I would like to ride to Austin sometime but I don’t know how to get there on a bike.

    Good Luck on your great tour!

    Peace :)

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  2. Chandra – thank you for your interest! First of all, I simply documented the ride from a safety truck. I’m in the process of putting together a short film on it. There were, however, 13 cyclists that rode the whole way on fixed. It’s pretty incredible, really. I documented the route on a map on the tour website: – go check it out, its interactive. I would DEFINITELY recommend going with a group with enough support vehicles to carry everyone should catastrophe strike. Be safe!

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